How To Become A Professional Bodyguard and a Private Investigator in Hong Kong

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What we can do ?


We provide training courses of Close Bodyguard;
Self-Defense Technique;
Shooting Safety Simulation; 
and Investigation.
We aim to improve our student’s personal sense of awareness and to build up related career knowledge and professional skill.

Protection Gear

We provide service and Instrument for individuals, including: room privacy scanning, computer and phone private security and anti theft accessories. We also provide equipment for bodyguard protection such as Stab-proof backpack and vest.


We provide consultation and referral for the aspect of Private Investigation; Bodyguard Services; Personal Safety; Cooperate & institute Crisis Prevention and Management. 


We provide private and public seminar for cooperates and institutes. Our seminar are specialized in Crisis Prevention and Management for school and hospital institutes.

Since mid 2017, we have succeeded to have endorsed certificates from TQUK...

Bodyguard Certificate
Diploma Private Investigation
Forensic Investigative Psychology (Lie Detection) Certificate
Trainer Certificate
Diploma Bodyguard
In progress 100%
Diploma Forensic Investigative Psychology
Coming soon 100%
Tactical Emergency Medical Support Certificate
Coming soon 100%

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