Bodyguard Training Program

2021: Update at face book: Cis偵探保鑣訓練課程

1. CIS-Bodyguard Foundation Training Certificate


2. TQUK-Bodyguard Certificate(C.P.)  (Level 2)   


3. TQUK Diploma in Bodyguard Operation Management


4. CIS Private Investigation Professional Certificate


5. TQUK Diploma in Private Investigation (Level 4)


6. CIS-Bodyguard Shooting Safety (Level 2)


7. Oversea Shooting one day Training (6 hours)




CIS-TQUK Bodyguard Training Foundation Certificate (4 lessons)
中文授課  保鏢培訓基礎證書課程 (4堂)

Discipline training, Crowd control, Radio communication, Bodyguard History, Job description and code, Case study, Risk assessment, Protection formation, Safety distance Use of force.


TQUK – Bodyguard Certificate (Close Protection) (4 lessons)
中英語     近身保鏢證書課程 – 英國特許資歷培訓處二級證書 (4堂)

Risk assessment workshop, Protection skill, Searching skill, Protection strategy, Incident response, Case presentation, Driving skill, Weapon identification, VIP escort examination. 


TQUK – Diploma in Bodyguard Operation Management (4 lessons)
中英語     保鏢主管文憑課程 – 英國特許資歷培訓處三級文憑 (4堂)

CPO responsibilities and operation management, Skill training for search teams and protection team, Strategy and arrangement for VIP functions, Response for incident and team mobilisation, Brief report and logbook writing (assignment), Analysis of threats (counter terror, kidnapping), Bodyguard self-defence technique (simulation), Bodyguard shooting skill (simulation).

Bodyguard Shooting Simulation Training Level 1, 2
中英語: 保鏢模擬射擊訓練 – 手槍安全操控法, 靶埸口號及法規, 保鏢射擊技巧

Pistol safety handling, Range order and regulation, Shooting skill.


Bodyguard Shooting Certificate Level 3 (EBSSA Pistol Shooting Certificate) 
中英語: 保鏢手槍實彈射擊海外訓練 – 歐洲保鏢保安服務協會簽發證書

Bodyguard shooting skill practice at oversea range. Flight and hotel, arm, ammo and range charges are student own expense.


CIS Level 1,2,3 Bodyguard Self-defence Training (3 lessons each level)
中英語:  保鏢防衛術訓練1-3 (9堂) – 體能訓練, 脫身分隔技巧, 操控技巧, 反應技巧

 Physical training, Breakaway skill, Control skill, Response Skill.