Services: Personal Assistant / Driver (私人助理/司機), Private Investigation(偵探調查), Crisis Prevention and Response Seminar 防危應變講座

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Personal Assistant: VIP Escort, Risk Assessment, Safety Strategy, Crisis Response, Security Driver, 私人助理: 護送貴賓, 風險評估, 安全策略, 行程安排, 防衛反應, 貴賓司機, 反跟蹤反監視

Private Investigation: Background Search, Surveillance, Personal conduct, Evidence Search, Forensic Investigative, Lie Detection, Court Procedure, Counter Surveillance, Security Scanning偵探調查: 商業背景, 監察業務, 個人行為, 專業搜證, 測謊調查, 法庭程序 反跟蹤反監視

Semina : Campus Prevention Crisis and Response 校園危機應變訓練, Public officer-Crisis Prevention and Response 公職執勤-防危應變訓練, Crisis Prevention and Response for Travelling旅遊危機應變.