Course Schedule
2021 課程表

2021: 07/07 Update at facebook: Cis偵探保鑣訓練課程
 1. CIS Bodyguard Foundation Training Certificate
    CIS保鏢基礎證書 BG-19:  10/10, 17/10 (Sun. 12am-6pm) 
2. TQUK Bodyguard Certificate (Close Protection)  (Level 2)
    近身保鏢(二級)證書BG-19: 10/10, 17/10, 24/10, 25/07, (Sun. 1200-1800)  
3. Private Investigation Foundation Certificate
    私家偵探基礎業證書  06/10, 13/10, 20/10, 27/10, 03/08 (Wed. 7pm-10pm) 
4.  TQUK Tactical Emergency Medical Support (Level 2)
    英國戰術醫護(二級)證書 31/10(Sat.7pm-10pm), 7/11 + 14/11 (Sun.10am-5pm) 
5. TQUK Diploma in Bodyguard Operation Management (Level 3) 
     06/11(Sat.7pm-10pm), 21/11 + 28/11 (Sun. 12pm-6pm)

TQUK BG Course must complete CIS BG Foundation Certificate Course first.

課程 TQUK BG 必須先完成CIS保鏢基礎證書課程

DPI must complete CIS Private Investigation Course first.

課程TQUK Diploma P.I  必須先完成 CIS偵探調查基礎班.   

Registration is based on payment first. There are activities in the classroom. Participants are required to obey the laws of Hong Kong and students are required to sign for responsible their personal risk of any accidents. Tutor has a right to modify & adjust the course content, date, time, location if necessary and reject an application without explanation.

報名以繳費作實, 課堂有活動, 參加者須遵守香港法例及自己承擔個人意外風險並須簽名承責. 導師有權決定是否收錄學員申請, 導師有權隨時修改調整課程內容日期, 時間, 地點及客席導師.