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      TQUK Level 2 – Tactical Emergency Medical Support Certificate
       英國(TQUK)戰術醫護(二級)證書  (34 hours) $5800


      Medical equipment use skill
  • Introducing battlefield emergency medical history and tactical medical history
  • Tactical Medical and Civil Ambulance respectively
  • Tactical medical concept, military and police respectively
  • Tactical medical three basic principles
       Care under fire
  • Equipment level
  • How to separate / define the three areas of ambulance distinction
  • Tourniquet applications and areas of use
  • Evacuate to the “Warm Zone” method & internship
  • Israeli bandages, combat gauze applications and areas of use
  • Oropharyngeal Airway NPA & Nasopharyngeal Airway OPA applications and areas of use
  • Pneumothorax treatment applications and areas of use
       Tactical field care
  • Tactical Rapid Body TRBS Survey applications and areas of use
  • Pulse oximeter & Laryngeal mask applications and areas of use
  • Brief introduction Tactical cricothyrotomy & Intravenous injection
  • Brief introduction various drugs
  • Brief introduction the fracture, eye injury, hypothermia
  • Various types of evacuation Military Stretcher and methods
       Tactical Casualty Evacuation Care
  • Third category for casualty evacuation -Urgent and Priority
  • Evacuation vehicles and helicopter classification
  • Rescue radio communication
  • Medical record report
  • On the way to hospital: patient examination, patient history, vital signs & medic records
  • Safe of firearms
  • Basic military lore
  • Written examination
  • Medic equipment use exam
  • Case examination